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Hey Matt you and the person that put the slide up about LE vs. Scammers is spot on. And Financial institutions should certainly have something to say about this because they bear the brunt of this failure. I work a number of scam cases as a Detective and I have to say these cases take alot of my time because of the bureaucratic BS we have to go through to get information about the scammer from FI's. In Massachusetts I have to write a search warrant for any information I want to receive from a FI regarding the scammers account. I don't understand why the investigators at these FI's can't just share the information with us through a secure portal. What happened to the doctrine of "the knowledge of one is the knowledge of all". I feel as tho the investigators at FI's are almost working against LE, making it so difficult to get simple information. We (LE and FI's) all know this person with a bank account is a scammer so let's work together to take them down!

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When I was on the LE side I said the same thing. But now that I'm working for a financial institution I see things a bit different. The fraud and security investigators aren't working against LE intentionally. There is a heavy legal and regulatory oversight that places burdensome restrictions on the process. But...you're most right. Thanks for the comment.

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